[Anne] One of my walls is covered with pictures of my six siblings and of my friends. My brick wall is covered by a Ramadan cloth that I bought in Cairo last semester. I’m glad that I’m not in my room enough to keep it super clean. I hope I never stop moving.

[Taryn] I love color and arts and crafts, and I can listen to songs over and over without ever getting tired of them. My goal for my time at Williams is to be 1 in 2000 in The Record. I want to be an architect someday and build skyscrapers. I want to explore.

[Taryn and Anne] Between us we study math and political science and art in Egypt and Italy. We paint our faces for Homecoming, get the most out of our snack bar points, and smuggle knock-you-nakeds back to our rooms. Next on our growing checklist is our own sandwich at Pappa Charlie’s. We have big plans.

Anne Peckham ’08, Taryn Pritchard ’08

Photo by Kevin Kennefick, 2007